Who we are

Union Benefit Services Ltd is a member of the Embignell group, which also incorporates Union Income Benefit Holdings Ltd (trading as Union Insurance Services) and Union Income Ltd.

Working for Working Families

Our group aims to provide working people and their families with access to greater financial security through a range of membership benefits products that allow members to access shopping discounts, responsible spending and protect against the financial impact of major life traumas.

So far more than 1.5 million UK trade union members have benefitted from our products and years of experience in providing services designed to meet the needs of working people.

Our relationship with our union partners is the very core of our business. We share many values with the trade union movement and strive to ensure that affordable protection is available and easily accessible to all working people.

The Embignell Family Tree

Our Partners

What we stand for

• UK based operations to deliver service excellence
• Technology and innovation to deliver affordable products and services
• Respect and integrity for our customers, colleagues and business partners